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McWhorter's - A Trusted Name For 75 years

Auto Service, Commercial and Farm OTR Tire Center

McWhorter's Tire Co. was established in Lubbock, TX in 1942. Ross and Pat McWhorter were owners of the family owned and operated business. The original store is the current downtown location, but it used to be the show floor only. The service shop we have today was originally a 2 story parking garage built for the Hilton Hotel.

By the late 1940's McWhorter's had two locations: McWhorter's at College Ave (now University Ave) and downtown.

1953 McWhorter's Truck Center was opened at 213 North Avenue U.

1957 McWhorter's opened in Levelland, TX

1961 Pat McWhorter dies. Ross takes over the business.(Pat was the driving force behind McWhorter's).

1964 McWhorter's partners with Roy Reid Tire Co. forming McWhorter-Reid Tire

1965-66 McWhorter's downtown takes over the parking garage to expand its shop and storage. Previously, the warehouse was on the south lot behind the store, which was eventually lost in the Lubbock tornado, May of 1970. Royce Dabbs ran the warehouse, he was famous for his phrase "what!!!"

1970 Ross McWhorter dies. Employees run the business until 1979, Lee Coil, Jim West, Harley Robinson, Bobby Davis, Joyce Shue, Margie Farnsworth, and May Baird were instrumental in continuing the business.

1971 Levelland sold to Roy Reid Tire Co.

1979 McWhorter's was sold to a partnership of Rickel/Tanner.

1981 McWhorter's purchased the Goodyear Service Store at 50th and Boston. Jim Riebel moves from Wichita KS to manage store, Bob Lang of Hays KS becomes service manager.

1984 McWhorter's opens in Snyder, TX. Bob Lang is the manager, but it was eventually sold to Bob Lang in 1986.

1985 McWhorter's opens in Lamesa, TX. Johnny Plunkett is the manager, but it was eventually sold to Bob Lang in 1986.

1989 Bill Tanner sold out to Virgil Rickel.

1989 Rock Rickel takes over 50th and Boston and Jim moves downtown.

1991 Rock moves downtown to manage retread shop.

1994 Rock leaves retread shop and runs commercial side downtown and then moves to manage the truck center replacing Mike Stevens.

1996 McWhorter's built a 14 bay tire and auto service center including a 3 bay super lube at Frankford and Spur 327 in Lubbock. Eddie Acosta is manager. Today, the store is managed by Brian Coulombe.

2003 Virgil Rickel retires, son Rock Rickel takes over the business.

Mid 2000 McWhorter's has salesman in Dallas Fort Worth- Tim Joy and Oklahoma Jason Kirk

Fall of 2004 McWhorter's purchased Roy Reid Tire Co of Levelland, TX which was originally opened in 1957 by McWhorter's. Roy's grandson in law Aaron—managed the store originally and Johnny Ridener took over a year or so later.

2012 McWhorter's purchased Wingfoot Tire Co. on Slaton Highway, adding a 55,000-square-foot retread shop and commercial tire location. Brandon Adams is Manager.

2014 McWhorter's breaks ground on a new tire and truck service shop in Midland, TX.

2015 McWhorter's Truck Center opens with a 20,000 sq. ft. facility between Midland and Odessa. Brandon Webb, former employee in Lubbock becomes manager.

2017 McWhorter's Tire Co. celebrates 75 years with 7 locations and 100 employees.

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