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Front End Service & Repair

Each McWhorter location employs a team of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified technicians, with decades of experience. McWhorter also employs mechanics certified in I-CAR (Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair), a recognized certification specific to collision repair. Rely on McWhorter for any issues with your front end, whether from a fender bender, minor collision, or simply for a comprehensive inspection. Our tire industry specialists also perform front end alignments, learn more about this service.


Front End Inspection

Even after a minor collision, it's worth getting your vehicle inspected by a professional mechanic and tire specialist. While some accidents do cause visible cosmetic damage, there's a lot more under the hood. It's the invisible problems that can end up being more costly, especially when unnoticed for months or even years after the fact.

Before Buying a Used Car

Always get a comprehensive front end inspection prior to purchasing a used car, light truck or SUV. Most cars, trucks and SUV's, cram every vehicle function under the front end. Repairing vehicles in 1942, when McWhorter started is far different from today. Every space is packed with electronics, the engine, transmission, radiator and other critical parts and components. A slightly bent front end can easily cause damage to many other systems, either immediately or over time with driving.
  • McWhorter offers FREE visual front end inspections, even under the hood.
  • Comprehensive Front End Inspections are a paid service and include engine diagnostics and removal of system components to properly inspect the undercarriage, electrical and important vehicle functions.
  • Any issues uncovered in the inspection, McWhorter's mechanical team can fix: bent parts, pinched belts and hoses, disabled electrical systems and more.

After a Collision

Get your vehicle inspected. Although many drivers will wait until a check engine light has a warning, the check engine light does fail for many issues. Also be aware of any new noises after a collision and report these to your mechanic. Finally, the steering is frequently affected. Most often after a collision, your wheels and tires can have alignment problems and it can be noticeable if the vehicle pulls to one side of the road or the other. McWhorter conducts computerized alignment to properly fix steering and other structural problems.

Radiators are also frequently affected and McWhorter repairs those too! Due to their location, they are the first to get hit in direct front end collisions.

Why McWhorter

  • We employ both experienced mechanics, wheel and tire specialists on staff
  • We do more then tell you a code on a check engine light. We actually tell you the exact issues causing it, the cost and how much time it will take
  • Use us as both your tire, wheel and repair destination and save big! Learn more about our discounts
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