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It’s that time again. Hopefully you realized your oil needed changed by following your vehicle maintenance schedule. Otherwise, there could be a burning oil smell if your car is low on oil or is months behind on a replacement. McWhorter’s team of ASE certified mechanics routinely change oil for foreign and domestic cars, SUV’s and trucks.

Choose McWhorter for Your Next Oil Change

McWhorter has four convenient retail locations in Lubbock and Levelland that provide comprehensive oil change service. Unlike other auto repair shops in town, McWhorter provides tire, wheel and mechanical service all under one roof, allowing you to get on with your day.

Needing an oil change? Why not get scheduled maintenance from ASE certified technicians and have everything checked at once? Don’t make multiple trips to different mechanics. McWhorter also offers certified state inspections, and tracks all vehicle maintenance.

We can remind you the next time your vehicle is due for an oil change, specific to your vehicle brand, model and year. Many other oil stations default to 2500 miles so you come in the door more often, although most new vehicles don’t require an oil change for 7,500 miles or more. We always check and recommend your next oil change based on the vehicle owners manual.

$31.99 Oil Change, Lube & Filter


Changing the oil often feels like a hassle, but it’s a great time to check many other systems and confirm a vehicle is operating effectively. That’s the difference between McWhorter and other options in town. We offer one convenient price that covers everything related to a normal oil change combined with lube and filter checks that prevent future vehicle breakdowns. On top of our comprehensive service, all of our work is backed by a double warranty from Goodyear and NAPA.

Included in our $31.99 Oil Change:


  1. Drain the oil and replace to manufacturer specification
  2. Check radiator coolant level and antifreeze. Top off fluids for free.
  3. Check transmission fluid if possible, and top off for free if necessary
  4. Check window washer fluid and top off fluids for free
  5. Check front and rear wiper blades for damage and ensure proper contact with windshield
  6. If applicable, inspect all gear boxes (front & rear differential, transfer case and manual transmissions)
  7. Inspect and fill all grease zerks when necessary
  8. Safety check for any fluid leaks or other damage to vehicle


  1. Replace the oil filter during every oil change, at no extra charge
  2. Check the engine, cabin and fuel filters. Recommend a replacement if necessary


  1. Check tire PSI, top off for free if needed
  2. Check tread depth for remaining life and wear patterns. Recommend tires if necessary

Belts & Batteries:

  1. Inspect belts and hoses for age, stress cracks, fraying and shimmer spots
  2. Check battery for charge, age and corrosion. Clean & protect terminals as needed

Following an oil change, our team provides a recommended maintenance schedule from your vehicle manufacturer. If you have extra time, it’s often more convenient to continue with a comprehensive inspection. If not, you can leave with an oil change and the peace of mind that you received much more than new oil in your vehicle!

The Fastest Oil Change in Lubbock County

McWhorter Tire & Auto on Frankford Ave has specialized equipment that allows for a “fast oil change”. This is an industry recognized term for service in 15 minute or less. Go ahead, try us out and time us!

Other McWhorter locations can change oil within 30 minutes. Although we don’t offer appointments, you aren’t likely to wait in line, each store has a minimum of 3 engine bays and our downtown location has seven! You can choose to wait in your vehicle or in our comfortable waiting rooms we keep stocked with free coffee, WIFI, cable TV and sometimes donuts!

Our 50th and Frankford stores open early at 7:30 am and stay open till 6 pm, allowing for a fast oil change before or directly after work.

If 15 minutes still sounds like too much time, allow our team to pick up your vehicle whether it’s in the office parking lot or at home. We offer mobile oil changes and can drive your vehicle to our location, get the oil changed and have it parked back where you left it!

Choose Your Oil Brand

Back in the days of a V8, American muscle car, the brand of oil was an important consideration in


engine performance. Nowadays, most drivers don’t worry about oil and in the modern engine, oil brand is less important to fuel efficiency and performance.

For our $31.99 oil change, McWhorter uses a synthetic blend of Mobil oil. Other mechanics may charge less for an oil change, but they will likely use conventional oil vs. synthetic. Mobil products, including Mobil 1 are known to be reliable in all conditions. We also offer Pennzoil, Valvoline, Quaker State and other brands if you have a preference.

McWhorter can change the oil on most performance cars, although the manufacturer typically recommends premium, full synthetic oil which is at a higher cost. Our crew also

Oil Change Coupons

McWhorter’s honors several discounts for oil changes, including 10% off through the Lubbock National Bank Perks Program. Each oil change is also eligible for a free tire change, from our team of tire industry certified technicians.

Commercial Oil Changes

Heavy-Duty commercial trucks, construction vehicles and farm tractors are encouraged to visit McWhorter’s Truck Center in Lubbock and our Midland location for oil changes.

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