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Inspections and Maintenance Schedules

At McWhorter we have a common saying “fix the little things now if you want to avoid a major repair bill later.”

Each car has a maintenance schedule set by the manufacturer. You can find this schedule in your owner’s manual. Typically, the manufacturer schedules maintenance at 30,000, 60,000 and 100,000 miles. Other scenarios where you should consider maintenance include after a collision or when your vehicle is due for a Texas state inspection.

Don’t confuse preventative maintenance with a vehicle tune-up. The purpose of a tune-up is to enhance your car’s engine and fuel economy performance. Scheduled maintenance helps you avoid unexpected and expensive repairs.

Our Skilled Mechanics


Unlike many auto shops in Lubbock, McWhorter employs both tire industry specialists and ASE certified master mechanics at 3 locations in town. That means you get one-stop shopping for all your vehicle’s needs. One visit provides you with a skilled inspection and maintenance on all vehicle components.

Many drivers don’t realize that tire and wheel issues often affect what goes on under the hood. If you take your vehicle to a mechanic without tire and wheel expertise, the source of your car’s issues may remain unresolved. Take your car to us, and we’ll fix it up right – from top to tires.

The McWhorter Way

Since nobody knows your car better than you, we take an interactive approach to scheduled maintenance. We’ll discuss any performance issues, unidentified noises, alignment problems or other car concerns. After noting the mileage and your manufacturer’s recommendations, we’ll identify what parts of your car need to be inspected, maintained or replaced. We always provide an initial estimate on the cost of the foreseeable inspection.

After a comprehensive inspection, we’ll talk to you on the phone or in person about what our process uncovered. We’ll discuss any additional repairs or necessary replacements that need to be done. At McWhorter, we always tell you the price before proceeding with the work.

Your cost depends on the scope of the maintenance schedule. If your vehicle is older or has higher mileage, you can expect more comprehensive inspections.

Importance of Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance is not something to procrastinate. Your car may be running well, but some little problem could be quietly developing. You’ll be glad when our skilled technicians identify and fix those little problems before they grow, allowing your car to serve you for years to come.

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