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Texas is known for rough, open roads and Lubbock is no exception. While most of the U.S. has issues with potholes, Lubbock has broken glass, cracked asphalt, tumbleweeds and even prarie dogs that can wreak havoc on tires. McWhorter understands tires and we understand Lubbock conditions. We've been serving drivers, farmers and truckers since 1942 with affordable tires from major brands as well as a variety of tire repair services.

Tire Patch Service

Patching a tire is an affordable and valid solution to several specific conditions:

  • Your tire still has life left, a good tread and even wear
  • The puncture isn't so severe, that it requires full replacement

Tire patches are common with slow leaks, as a blow out often requires full tire replacement. Your Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) might have alerted you to a problem or perhaps you used old fashioned common sense. No matter the reason, we don't judge. Stop in to McWhorter and get your tire patched quickly, by certified Tire Industry Associates. Unlike the big box chain options, our employees work with us for years and can provide the best judgement on whether to patch or replace.

Flat Repair

Getting a flat is no fun, but it could easily be an even worse day, if you pay for a tow truck service. Stop! Instead, call McWhorter's, we offer onsite mobile tire repairs. We can repair a tire onsite and even bring a spare! With six locations throughout town, or mobile tire service within Lubbock and Levelland city limits, your vehicle should be covered.

Proper procedure requires the wheel to be removed. You may not have a jack or one sturdy enough to adequately support your vehicle or perhaps you're without a spare tire. If that's the case, stop by or have one of our technicians come out to you. Whatever you do, don't continue driving on a flat, and realize you take on a risk with repairs yourself.

DIY or a Professional?

Many wannabe mechanics and do it yourself homeowners attempt tire repairs. Although it is one of the easiest out of all vehicle repairs, there could be hidden damage inside tires that only a professional can assess. Patching a tire that shouldn't be patched can be dangerous and cause the tire or sidewall to weaken even more.

Tire Replacement

Driving on a spare tire long term, can cause damage to your rim, wheel and more. If you've been putting off getting tires replaced, rest easy knowing McWhorter's stocks all major brands. Our selection and the quantity of tires we purchase from local distributors gives us an advantage over other options.

Get a discount and save when you order four new tires vs. one or two. It may be time to upgrade to a new pair of car shoes, as tires do have a to be followed life expectancy. If an airtight seal of a tire's interliner isn't possible, your tires won't have proper pressure and can hurt gas mileage. Driving on tires due for a replacement can cause accidents, injury and simply need to be fixed.

If you have any questions regarding the condition of your tires, ask us and we'll be glad to inspect them for you. If you have a damaged, punctured, or leaky tire which can be safely fixed, we can help.

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