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Tune Ups for All Cars, Trucks & SUV's

With all the advances in car technology, the old-fashioned tune-up may no longer be necessary. But preventative maintenance through a more modern tune-up is still required to keep your car running smoothly.

Some automakers are claiming that the newest cars only need tuning up every 100,000 miles. It’s true that state-of-the-art models boast long-life spark plugs, sealed-for-life tie rod ends and ball joints and more durable OEM parts. All good news for drivers of newer cars. However, some parts still need regular maintenance if you don’t want to end up stranded roadside.

Nowadays, a “tune-up” may more closely mirror following your manufacturer’s recommended car maintenance schedule. When you look at this schedule in your owner’s manual, you’ll likely find that a major service is recommended about every two years or 30,000 miles. Kind of like the tune-ups of the past. But a little different.

Classic Vehicle Tune-Ups

If you’re driving an older car, which tends to be anything over two decades old, you may still need the old-fashioned tune-up. Here is a typical checklist your McWhorter mechanic will follow:

  • Replace the fuel filter. Filters get clogged with particles, which can decrease the efficiency and power of the car. If you have a fuel-injected vehicle, filter replacement is not always necessary, unless the injectors are clogged.
  • Change the spark plugs and check the plug wires. Loss of mileage, loss of power, and rough starts are often attributed to bad plugs or wires. We want to make sure you get new plugs that are spaced correctly, and that we replace any old wires that are in bad shape.
  • Replace the distributor cap and rotor. New cars are now excluding these two items, but if you have them, they will get replaced to prevent future breakdowns.
  • Check the ignition system and timing. This is for older vehicles that rely on ignition timing.
  • Check/replace gaskets if oil is leaking.
  • Belts are an important part of the tune-up. There's nothing worse than having a belt bust, while you are driving down the road. All belts will be checked and replaced if signs of wear are present.
  • Check all fluids and top off any levels as needed.
  • Change the oil and filter if needed.
  • Check and replace the air filter.
  • Check and adjust the clutch in cars with manual transmission.
  • Service the battery by cleaning cables, adding distilled water, and cleaning the terminals.

Newer Car Tune-Ups

With newer cars, there’s less for mechanics to adjust under the hood. The engine computer controls many factors, such as ignition timing, idle speed and fuel mixture. It's possible issues affecting your vehicle are the result of a faulty engine computer. In addition, you still need to keep up with regular service schedules and periodic engine analysis. Our ASE certified mechanics can provide both basic and more high-tech services.

Fuel additives and better injectors make cleaning the fuel intake system less crucial than in the old days. But a mechanic should still check these periodically, especially since reformulated gas has made a comeback in some areas, increasing your chances of a clogged injector and a loss of engine performance. If you’re past the 50,000 mile mark, it’s time to get your fuel injection system cleaned.

Regularly changing oil and filters is still a must, even for new cars. And the frequency hasn’t changed – every 3,000 miles for conventional oil, 6,000 miles for synthetic blends or three to six months whichever is first. Especially if you do a lot of start and stop driving or operate your car in hot or cold weather, which would include Lubbock!

We’re happy to run a computerized engine analysis for your newer vehicle or an old fashioned tuneup if you have a classic hotrod. Call us today or stop by and we’ll have your car working to capacity in no time.

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